About this Tool

VoiceThread facilitates asynchronous, online discussion around any kind of media, including text, images, videos, and PowerPoint slides. Students and faculty can interact using text, audio, and video, so VoiceThread helps create community within your course. You can draw (or "doodle") on the screen as you talk about an image, text, or video. You can place comments at a point in a video to ask a question or provide feedback. You can use VoiceThread to upload PowerPoint slides, narrate them slide-by-slide, and invite students to discuss and ask questions as they work through your narrated lecture. You can also have students work on group presentations in VoiceThread.

Key Features for Teaching and Learning

  • Leverage VoiceThread's integration with Kaltura@IU. If you create or use videos that are stored in Kaltura, you can easily pull them into VoiceThread, along with their captions.
  • Caption your videos. All comments made using audio or video are closed captioned automatically in VoiceThread.
  • Create assignments integrated with Canvas. VoiceThread integrates with Canvas Assignments, allowing you to create several types of assignments in VoiceThread that link to the Canvas Gradebook.