About this Tool

Responsive Learning Technologies offers online games that are developed with leading scholars to achieve specific learning objectives in courses like Operations, Production Planning and Control, Supply Chain Management, Stochastic Systems, and Spreadsheet Modeling. Durations of the games range from 30 minutes to weeks. At this time there are five games:

  • Littlefield Operations Management Game. A graded online competitive simulation to teach process analysis and inventory control.
  • The Supply Chain Game. A competitive online simulation used to teach forecasting, aggregate planning, inventory control, simple logistics and supply chain design.
  • The Sourcing Game. A competitive online simulation used to teach pricing in a monopolistic setting, inventory control, and contracting in supply chains.
  • The Startup Game. An online competitive simulation used to teach financial modeling, optimization, and entrepreneurial finance.
  • EBeer Game. An online version of the classic beergame used to teach the Bullwhip Effect in Supply Chain Management.

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Key Features for Teaching and Learning

  • Promote active learning. Games and simulations make learning fun, interactive, and more like the real world.
  • Offer students flexibility. Games can be accessed from any browser.

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