About this Tool

Uneven preparation of incoming students is a uniquely severe problem for business programs. Some incoming students are experts in math while others have not seen algebra or statistics since high school. Business Foundations is a suite of online modules designed to ensure all students have a set of prerequisite skills pre-selected by their institution. In each module, students complete an adaptive online test. Linked to the assessment is online multimedia instructional material that enables students to quickly study the skills they lack without wasting time on material they already know. After reviewing the instructional material, students retake a new assessment covering only the skills they were lacking in the previous round. Students iterate on this cycle until they demonstrate the level of competency required by their institution. Questions and instructional examples are typically given in a business context, to help students understand why these skills are required for their program.

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Key Features for Teaching and Learning

  • Get customizable, adaptive assessments. You can choose the skills you want to assess, and the assessments will adapt to your students' prior knowledge.
  • Ensure students come prepared. Online tutorials teach your students the pre-MBA skills they need, and online assessments verify they have learned the material.
  • Cover a variety of topics. Modules are available for quantitative skills, probability and statistics, accounting, financial economics, and spreadsheets.