About this Tool

Pressbooks is a tool that enables faculty and students to create and publish text in multiple formats. You can enhance your text with video, activities, links, and more, enabling interactivity not possible with a print textbook. Texts can be downloaded for reading from a computer, mobile device, eReader (such as Kindle), or in print. You can host your text in Canvas, on the web, or anywhere you make the exported files available.

Key Features for Teaching and Learning

  • Publish your own eText. Compose and publish eTexts for IU classes in collaboration with IU Press.
  • Deliver no-cost eTexts. Pressbooks includes a wide variety of eTexts (including OER) to use in your classes.
  • Help students learn through writing. Assign student writing projects in Canvas; build and compile collections of their work throughout the course; and/or assign chapters to students or groups and deliver a text at the end of a course