About this Tool

PlayPosit allows instructors to create and edit interactive video from streamed or uploaded content. Instructors can embed quiz-type questions into videos from Kaltura, YouTube, and other popular video platforms. PlayPosit integrates with Canvas and Kaltura, and instructors can use it to add interactive components such as polls, multiple-choice questions, discussions, and branching scenarios. This added content can be synced with the Canvas Gradebook. PlayPosit also supports student note-taking and peer review of student-submitted videos.

Key Features for Teaching and Learning

  • Time-Stamped Note Taking. Supports "deep reading" with time-stamped, contextualized discussion. Instructors can create discussion responses for students. These discussions allow the students to enter notes and thoughts during the video which are then time stamped. Other students can view these entries and use the timestamp to review the portion of the video in which the response was made and then add in their own response
  • Canvas integration. Integrated with Canvas for grade passback for all question types, including auto-graded, free-response, and discussion. 
  • Student created, Peer Reviewed. Allows students to submit presentation videos for time-stamped feedback to only the instructor or to their peers for review.