About this Tool

Microsoft Bookings is an online scheduling tool that is part of Microsoft 365. It allows IU Exchange Online users to set up calendars and manage availability so that others can easily book appointments through an online form. It also allows people without access to Exchange Online, such as students and individuals external to the university, to schedule meetings with those who do use Exchange Online, such as faculty and staff.

Key Features for Teaching and Learning

  • Manage your office hours. When a student uses Bookings to schedule an office hours appointment with you, the appointment will be synced to your Outlook calendar, and your student will receive a confirmation email.
  • Add services to your calendar. You might offer services such as Office Hours, Research Consulting Hours, Tutoring, and you can specify how long an appointment for each service should be.
  • Add additional people to your calendar. Add other IU Exchange Online users, specify whether you want their Exchange calendars to impact their availability, or choose the hours you want them to be available for appointments.
  • Customize and publish your Booking page. Share the booking page link with anyone who wants to book an appointment, add it to your email signature, or share it on your website.