About this Tool

InScribe offers a way to get questions out of email and into a place where everyone can benefit from both the questions and the answers. It promotes student-student, student-instructor, and instructor-instructor interaction and encourages peers to help each other.

Students can post anonymously, interact one-on-one with instructors, find answers to their questions before they ask them, and earn badges and achievements for helping others in their community. Instructors can promote answers, make announcements, crowd-source the best answers, create just-in-time resources, and track student participation.

Start a video meeting with the people you are chatting with, using Live Sessions.

InScribe offers several tools for STEM courses, including an equation editor, support for LaTex, and code snippet support.

Coming in 2024, InScribe 2.0 will offer new features such as runnable code, Canvas roster and grade sync, and more. 

Key Features for Teaching and Learning

  • Anonymous posting. Boost participation in STEM and other disciplines by allowing students to ask questions anonymously.
  • Organize by topics. Help your users find answers and engage in discussion around questions for what they are working on right now.
  • STEM support. Use the built-in equation editor or LaTex. Paste in code to help with programming questions.
  • Build your reputation. Earn badges and other recognition for helping your peers.