About this Tool

Annotation is a commonly used and effective strategy to encourage close reading and analysis of a text. Hypothes.is is a tool that allows your students to actively engage with their reading by digitally annotating course texts available in PDF format or as a web page. Hypothes.is also supports digital annotation of Canvas pages, YouTube video transcripts, and more. It's added to your Canvas course so you can create graded assignments that integrate with Speedgrader and the Grades tool.

Your students can collaboratively annotate documents in small groups or as a whole class. They can reply to their classmates' annotations, allowing discussion of readings at a granular level within the text itself. You can also join in the annotating by either adding your thoughts and guidance in advance or by replying to student annotations. Instructor-created annotations (such as discussion questions or instructions) can also be reused across courses, if desired. The annotations and replies can include text, images, links, and videos. Students can also make private annotations for their own study.

Key Features for Teaching and Learning

  • Promote active learning through annotation. Whether individually or collaboratively, Hypothes.is encourages students to actively engage with the reading instead of passively skimming text.
  • Contextualize discussion. Discussing parts of a text within the text itself allows students to easily see the context of the sentence, phrase, or paragraph and to reference other parts of the reading.
  • Build understanding collaboratively. Reading each others' annotations and discussing them in the text, with the ability to include images and links to other resources, increases everyone's understanding while building community.