About this Tool

FlatWorld Digital Textbooks come with a full range of instructor supplements, a quiz and homework system, and a dedicated support team. Everything is mobile-friendly and meets the latest accessibility standards. FlatWorld integrates with all major LMS providers, including Canvas. Titles are peer-reviewed and, if you choose, you can customize a text for your course at no charge. Your students will start class prepared and ready to participate thanks to FlatWorld's accessible, digital platform and affordable prices. Access to embedded videos, study tools, and homework solutions are all included with the eText purchase. FlatWorld offers 140+ titles, across 22 subjects.

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Key Features for Teaching and Learning

  • Access instructor supplements. FlatWorld Digital Textbooks feature supplements at no additional charge: everything you need at your fingertips, so you can spend your time helping students, not creating course materials.
  • Offer students affordable prices. FlatWorld's mission is to make education more affordable and help bring textbook prices back down to earth.
  • Customize and integrate your text with Canvas. FlatWorld textbooks are made for you and fit seamlessly into your course.

This feature description includes vendor-provided information.