About this Tool

Engage is the university-standard e-reading platform that integrates with the Canvas learning management system and provides access to required texts. Engage is designed to improve learning and teaching by promoting student and instructor engagement in the text. Engage promotes engagement with highlighting and annotation features, instructor and student annotation sharing, as well as analytics that help faculty better understand and respond to their students’ reading patterns. Engage can be used to access publisher textbooks, customized textbooks, Open Education Resources (OER), select library resources, and faculty-created materials. Students will have access to their eTexts (and their personal and shared annotations) for the duration of their enrollment and have the option to print course materials if desired.

Students receive a full refund for IU eTexts ordered materials as long as they drop the class prior to the last day of the refund period. Students who drop a class after the last day of the refund period, will not have to pay for a standalone title if they retake the class anytime during their enrollment at IU provided the instructor uses the same title. Students also do not have to engage in risky behaviors like using a credit/debit card to order materials from a third-party website, creating log in accounts on third-party vendor websites, or accidentally purchasing the wrong material with no hope of a refund.

Key Features for Teaching and Learning

  • Get course materials immediately. Your Engage eText will be available to students without any delays.
  • Contextualize reading. You can annotate course texts so students will have your guidance as they read.
  • Promote collaboration and engagement. Engage includes collaborative tools that turn passive reading into an active process.
  • Get real-time learner analytics. Real-time analytics can help you develop new teaching methods.
  • Access free material. Engage provides access to Open Educational Resources (OER).

Teaching Stories using this Tool

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