About this Tool

Offered by CourseNetworking, the CN ePortfolio was conceptualized and built to be the next-generation academic ePortfolio platform to facilitate student learning and increase their career readiness. With CN ePortfolio, students can easily collect learning evidence (badges, certificates, transcripts, papers, showcases, recommendations, etc.), add reflections, set a visibility setting on each type of content, tag skills, create multiple versions, and archive old content. All learning evidence is automatically certified through the integration with Canvas.

Key Features for Teaching and Learning

  • Showcase work. Your students can create Showcases to document and reflect on their learning with embedded artifacts.
  • Add and tag skills. Skills can be added to an ePortfolio as filters to relevant artifacts, and students can also network with others who share the same skills.
  • Control visibility and privacy settings. A series of visibility options are available for each type of content and for the entire ePortfolio.
  • Create multiple versions with unique URLs. Owners of ePortfolios may create multiple versions of their ePortfolio, each with a unique URL to be shared with instructors, employers, grant review committees, etc.