About this Tool

Designed with grading efficiency in mind, Speedgrader is the Canvas tool for grading and providing feedback on Quizzes, Assignments, and Discussions. Your students' submissions are displayed on the left side of the interface while the grade input box, comments area, and optional rubric are displayed on the right. Notably, Speedgrader allows two-way commenting, meaning students can respond to your feedback.

Key Features for Teaching and Learning

  • Skip the downloads. Speedgrader lets you view and annotate file submissions in your browser, eliminating the need to download students' files.
  • Provide audio or video feedback. Canvas Speedgrader features the ability to provide audio or video feedback to students. 
  • Use a rubric to grade. If you have created a rubric and chosen to use it for grading an assignment, you can use this to grade in Speedgrader.
  • Grade anonymously. Canvas allows you to hide student names in Speedgrader to remove bias.