About this Tool

Conversations (also known as the Inbox) is the messaging tool in Canvas. Instructors can use Conversations to send messages to all members of a course or to specific sections, groups, or individuals. Message management features include the ability to search mailboxes by sender/recipient as well as to filter by course, mailbox (Inbox, Sent, Archived), or attribute (Unread, Starred, or Submission Comment).

Key Features for Teaching and Learning

  • Filter messages by course. Canvas Inbox does not have a separate inbox for each course, so it will display all messages from all courses, but you do have the option to filter by course.
  • Send messages to class, groups, individuals. Easily message students in your classes—without needing school email addresses—by selecting courses from dropdown menu and then selecting the class, group, or individuals you wish to contact.
  • Modify notification preferences. Choose to receive notifications in your emails, receive daily or weekly summaries from Canvas, or choose not to receive notifications.

Teaching Stories using this Tool

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